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and how to get the most out of watching our films...

Getting started

You can watch by age, by theme, or by academic syllabus.

Or simply click on your favourite artist and go from there.

Discover new artists in our suggestions of what to watch next under each film.

And don't forget to "favourite" presenters and films; you'll have a record of these in "my academy".

For our very young viewers

Just before we launched, we were asked for a series of films for younger siblings to enjoy. Take a look at "Made by Aleid" which is aimed at those aged 4-6; Aleid teaches her children about Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock (amongst others) with the help of vegetables and chocolate.

Lottie tackles Claude Monet, Yves Klein and Yayoi Kusama in "Create with Lottie" (7-11). Make and learn as you go... parental supervision advised for younger viewers.

For both these "action" series, do download the resource pack before you watch so you can see what materials you'll need.

Green for Glossary

In every age range, look for the words in green on the film. If you'd like any further information on these terms, click through to the glossary section for our jargon-free explanations.

If you're taking exams...

Do keep an eye out for this symbol. It means the film is part of an academic syllabus - either Advanced Placement, A level or International Baccalaureate.

Aim high

Once you've finished watching the entire age range of films, take the quiz and see how you do! Aim for a perfect score and then download your Academy Certificate.

You'll also receive notifications as you jump from Enthusiast, to Art Lover, Critic and Expert in the "my academy" section of the site.