Adam's wife before Eve...

Adam's wife before Eve...

The first woman..?

Did you know that Adam had a wife before Eve? According to Jewish folklore, Lilith was created from the same soil that God created Adam. Refusing to be subservient to her husband, she was banished from the Garden of Eden and became a she-demon. Contemporary American artist Kiki Smith has actualised Lilith in a sculpture from 1994. Lilith is not placed on a plinth, like a traditional sculpture, instead, you find her crouching - animal-like - on the wall. To learn more about this unusual sculpture and how Smith turns Lilith into a feminist icon, watch our new film. 

Did You Know?


New Yorkers can now enjoy contemporary art on their commute with the installation of new mosaics by Kiki Smith in Grand Central Station. She was joined in the project by contemporary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.  Smith’s mosaic designs bring nature into the subway. This has been seen as a victory for women artists, except for the misspelling of one of America’s greatest artists - Georgia O’Keeffe - with just one "f", not two, which had been carved into the walls. 


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Something otherworldly is happening at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter…  ‘Earth Spells: Witches of the Anthropocene’ displays works by eight contemporary artists, including a tapestry and drawings by Kiki Smith, that invite the viewer to consider if the artworks should be perceived as suspicious or witch-like. New artworks were made for the show, when artists were asked to respond to an object in RAMM’s collection -the Dartmoor Cauldron, once owned by the self-identified ‘Witch of Dartmoor’ Elizabeth Webb. The show both challenges and embraces the idea of ‘witchiness’. 

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